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Welcome Dr. Francesca Innocenzi!

We are excited to welcome our new post-doc Dr. Francesca Innocenzi who will manage the INHERIT Isotope-Ratio-Mass-Spectrometry laboratory and all associated instrumentation.

Dr. Innocenzi working on the EA-IRMS located at the Department of Geosciences, University of Padua

Dr. Innocenzi is an expert in isotope geochemistry, she has experience with radiogenic systematics such as Sr-Nd-Pb, and unconventional stable isotopes such as B-Ca. Dr. Innocenzi recently received her PhD at Sapienza University of Rome where she carried out a detailed petrographic, mineralogical, geochemical and isotopic study of different ultrabasic and/or ultrapotassic lithologies from worldwide localities, her PhD thesis is titled 'Origin of ultra-rocks'. Apart from the study of natural samples, Dr. Innocenzi also has been involved in numerous experimental projects where she conducted high pressure and high temperature experiments using a quick-press apparatus, piston cylinder and multianvil.


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