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Prof. Graham Pearson in Padova!

Graham Pearson, Professor in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta (Canada) and one of the world's foremost experts in geological diamond research came to visit us in Padova!

Prof. Pearson's research is aimed at understanding important geodynamic process such as crust-mantle (re)cycling, plate subduction, and the formation of continental lithosphere (e.g. cratons). One of the ways in which he has accomplished this is by tracing the age and origin of diamonds from different geographic regions that form in different lithospheric and sub-lithospheric environments using various elemental and isotopic analytical methods. Fortunately for us, Prof. Pearson is part of the INHERIT Team.

Prof. Pearson came to Padova and gave a fascinating talk about "How to find a diamond mine" at the newly built Museum of Nature and Man (Padova). He talked about all the geological signs that you should watch out for if you are interested in finding a diamond mine of your own. For example, kimberlitic rocks that contain diamond-indicator minerals like garnet, chromite, clinopyroxene, and olivine.

Photo: Prof. Graham Pearson (left), Italian-English translator Francesca Adolfo (center) and Prof. Fabrizio Nestola (right) at Prof. Pearson's talk about "How to find a diamond mine" at the Museum of Nature and Man, Padova, Italy.

Below you can find more information about the Prof. Pearson's talk at the Museum.


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