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FTIR Spectrometer Installation Complete!

The INHERIT Research Group is proud to announce that the ThermoFisher iN10 FTIR spectrometer has arrived at the Department of Geosciences, University of Padova and has been successfully installed!

The ThermoFisher iN10 FTIR spectrometer

Analysis and type classification of diamond samples has already begun!.

We are currently working on a project, in collaboration with Dr. Mike Jollands (GIA, New York), that aims to better understand H-related defects associated with several peaks in the infrared spectra of H-rich diamonds.

The iN10 spectrometer being cooled in preparation for alignment

Our postdoctoral researcher, Dr. Maxwell Day, is managing the FTIR laboratory and associated instrumentation.

The iN10 spectrometer is 100% dedicated to INHERIT research projects and funded by the European Union (ERC, INHERIT, starting grant no. 101041620).

Dr. Maxwell Day showing a heat map of the 1282 cm-1 peak which corresponds to N2 defects. These defects are known as A-centers and are one of the characteristic defects in Type Ia diamonds.



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